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Princess Video – Disney Tinkerbell Movie Review

Disney Tinkerbell MovieWe all know who Tinkerbell is from her amusing part in the Disney story of Peter Pan. Recently a Disney Tinkerbell movie princess video was released that sheds a whole new light on this little pixie. Tinkerbell does not speak in Peter Pan, but in the new Disney movie, Tinkerbell, she not only speaks, but is an incredibly important part of the world within Pixie Hollow.

Tinkerbell’s new movie starts by showing you how she came to be, it is a magical transformation that will have all little girls mesmerized and later trying to create fairies of their own. After her arrival to Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell is welcomed by all of the other fairies including their Queen and given the task of discovering her true talent.

Without giving away how any of these things take place, Tinkerbell’s talent is revealed and she is whisked away for a tour of her new home by some quirky and cute tinker fairies. Once she has been introduced to her new home, she is offered some new clothes which she quickly morphs into what we are used to seeing her in.

It is then time for the tour of what she will be doing with her new found talent. She is introduced to the head tinker and given some various jobs which ultimately lead her to her brand new friends. As with most Disney movies there is always a villain, but in this case it is instead a somewhat overly confident fairy who feels threatened by Tinkerbell.

The rest of the Disney Tinkerbell movie takes her through trials of other various talents as she wishes to find something other than the talent she initially uncovered. It is a very amusing and entertaining film that both parent and child will enjoy. The end of the movie concludes with Tinkerbell accepting her true talent and by doing so bringing absolute happiness to a young child she once knew.

While most toddlers enjoy watching and re-watching films, parents can often times grow tired of their child’s current obsession. This movie is surprisingly entertaining each time it is viewed and is highly recommended by girls 3 years and older.

Your daughter will be a huge fan, and if she is anything like mine, she will want the dolls too:

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell & Friends 6 Doll Set
Disney Tinkerbell Movie

TinkerBell The Movie Preview (Youtube Video):

Here is a little sneak peak of the NEW TinkerBell Movie: TinkerBell and The Lost Treasure:

And here is the TinkerBell Youtube video of the great song from the first Tinkerbell movie Fly To Your Heart:

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