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Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition – Is It Better Than The Original?

Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella EditionThe Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition is a different version of the original Pretty Pretty Princess game with a Cinderella theme of course, but is it better? Young girls seem to really enjoy these games no matter what, the jewelry is fun to wear and the crown is always sought after which makes it one of the best princess toys you can get for your child. The most fun usually comes from seeing fathers or grandfathers dress up too, but should you spend the money on the Cinderella version or stick to the original?

If your pretty princess is in love with Cinderella, then this game is highly recommended. The playing pieces are glass slippers and the jewelry includes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and of course the crown. Your goal is to get all of the jewelry before midnight; any young girl in the Cinderella phase is going to love this game.

While the jewelry may seem “cheap”, the concept of following board game rules is great to teach early and the quality time you can have with your child playing this game is priceless. Girls never seem to tire of it either so you’ll be able to enjoy regular princess dress up sessions with your daughter.

Each Pretty Pretty Princess game is slightly different, with a different idea of how you win, the concept of getting the most jewelry is the same. Every young girl loves to get all dressed up and be pretty as a princess and this fun game will let them do that while also learning some valuable lessons along the way, even princess toys can be educational.

The game easily assembles and can be put away quickly; the box is something that you get to decorate the first time you use it with jewel stickers. It is fun for the whole family; nothing is funnier than seeing a grown man wearing some earrings and a crown!

So should you buy the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition? If your daughter loves the Disney princesses, loves to dress up like a princess and loves to play games, then yes. This game is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your little girl; they don’t stay young for long, cherish this time with her and dress up like a princess as often as you can. See who can beat the clock and get all of the jewelry before midnight strikes. Use the delicate and beautiful slippers to make your way around the board and have fun seeing who can get the crown and ultimately win the game.

Click Here for the Pretty Pretty Princess Cinderella Edition Game

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