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Princess Shimera and the Elegant Princess Bed Makeover

Read along to find out how and why Princess Shimera transforms her bed into an elegant princess bed with a beautiful Disney princess bed canopy.

Once upon a time Princess Shimera and her beautiful unicorn Shimmer lived among the clouds in a magnificent castle. She had recently discovered a magical princess toy box that surprised her with new princess toys every time she opened it. The first time she opened the box she received an enchanting pink princess dress that allowed her to transport to a beautiful new land beneath the clouds. And the last time she opened it she received an incredibly entertaining new toy that played a princess video.

She has since watched about 5 of the Disney princess videos and has fallen in love with their stories. This is probably so because they are so similar to her own, but nonetheless ever since discovering this magical world of Disney princesses, Shimera can’t seem to get enough of them.

To help her with her new hobby, the magical toy box had been giving her Disney princess bedding and other decorations like Disney princess curtains, a Disney princess canopy, a duvet cover and even some princess wall stickers.

Shimera worked all day long to get her new Disney princess bed canopy just right, and when she was finished she had an elegant new princess bed that she couldn’t wait to spend the night in.

She joined Shimmer for dinner to tell him all about it. After a nice meal and watching the sun set and the moon rise high over head, Shimera went up to her room to sleep. Her new bed looked amazing in the moonlight. The Disney princess bed canopy glistened from the light coming in through the window and her wall stickers seem to bring the Disney princesses to life.

Shimera no longer felt alone in her room with all of these other princesses around and was so thankful to her magical princess toy box for bringing these wonderful things into her life.

In the morning Shimera proudly made her bed and went down to join Shimmer for some breakfast. She told Shimmer all about her amazing first night in her new elegant princess bed and described how each item looked so beautiful in the moonlight. Princess Shimera couldn’t wait to open the magical princess toy box again to see what wonderful surprise would be revealed this time.

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