Pretty Princess Toys

Princess Shimera and the Enchanting Pink Princess Dress

Read along and find out where Princess Shimera’s enchanting new pink princess dress takes her.

Once upon a time a beautiful princess named Shimera lived with her unicorn friend Shimmer high up in the clouds. One day Princess Shimera found a magical blue box that gave her new princess toys every time she opened it. The very first thing she received from that box was an enchanting pink princess dress that was luminescent and appeared to even change colors.

The very first time Shimera played princess dress up games with her new pink dress she was transported to a whole other world. The land she entered was full of people and children of all ages. None of the people in this land knew she was a princess of course and she was able to blend into her surroundings.

She spent her day walking along cobblestones and sitting in the green grass and just watched all of the people go by. She was enjoying herself so much she nearly forgot about poor Shimmer who was still back at the castle, cooped up and all alone. She wanted to return to him and tell him all about her adventure but didn’t know how she was supposed to get back. As she was searching the dress for some way to transport herself back to the cloud, one of her shoes slipped off a tiny bit and she found herself back in her castle. She realized then that in order to visit that land she must have all of her princess dress up clothes on in order to get there and back. When her shoe slipped off even a little bit she was able to get back home.

She ran to tell Shimmer what had happened and was almost afraid to as the poor unicorn was not going to be able to ever go with her. All the same she couldn’t keep the excitement inside and told Shimmer her story. The unicorn was overjoyed by her tale and quizzically looked at Shimera wondering when he could visit this magical land? She looked at him sadly and told him she didn’t think he ever could. Shimmer was disappointed and hung his head a little lower. Shimera reached up to embrace his neck when she was struck by an idea.

Princess Shimera ran to the castle to get her new princess dress up set. When she returned she had put everything on except for the shoes. When she reached up to Shimmer for the second time she put her shoes on too and the two were immediately transported to the land together.

They each soaked in the atmosphere of this wonderful new world, they enjoyed some fresh fruit and sat in the grass for a long time before returning home. Princess Shimera’s new enchanting pink princess dress was finally going to allow her and Shimmer to occasionally escape their life of solitude.

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