Pretty Princess Toys

Princess Shimera and the Magical Princess Toys

Read along to find out what kind of magical princess toys Princess Shimera discovers.

Once upon a time there lived a lovely Princess named Shimera who lived in a beautiful castle in the clouds. Shimera and her unicorn Shimmer were outside enjoying the sunshine one day when they came across an unusual blue box. The closer they got to the box the more they noticed how incredibly stunning it was. Not only did it sparkle in the sunshine, but the color of it changed slightly depending on the angle you looked at it. The two were immediately intrigued and began attempting to open the box. It wouldn’t open. No matter how many ways Shimera tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge. Now the two were even more interested in what the contents of the box could be, but each attempt ended in the same result…an unopened box. Although they could untie the ribbon around the box, the lid just wouldn’t come off.

The day started to dissolve into night and they decided they better return to the castle. Shimmer picked up the box by the ribbon and followed Shimera back to the castle. They were both famished, the whole day had gone by and they were so taken by this box that neither of them noticed how hungry they had become.

After a delicious meal, Shimera and Shimmer began working on the box again. Frustrated and tired they gave up after a bit and just sat there staring at it, almost willing it to open when a miraculous thing began to happen. The lid started to come off…all by itself. The two watched in amazement as the lid was removed and floated safely to the ground. They waited for a second and when nothing else happened, they moved in closer to peer inside.

Inside the beautiful blue box was the most breathtaking dress Princess Shimera had ever seen. The princess dress almost glowed and the shoes that came with it took her breath away. The box also contained a princess tiara, white gloves, a wand, and a few other princess toys.

One might think that as a princess, Shimera had everything she could ever want, but in fact the palace she lived in was huge and a bit lonely. She had very few items that entertained her, and while Shimmer was a great comfort, this magical box had brought her some amazing gifts that she had been longing for. Some of the princess toys were games that she could play for hours, as well as a doll with matching clothes like those that she had received.

She enjoyed dress up games as much as the next princess and with the coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles that were also in the box she knew she’d be having fun for quite some time. Only one thing worried Shimera. What would she do after she had played with all of the princess toys? Living alone in a castle on the clouds isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But then something even more amazing happened. After she completed the princess jigsaw puzzle she was working on, a new one appeared. She didn’t need to worry after all, this magical princess toy box was going to be with her forever providing her with fun princess toys and she would always remember the beautiful sunny day when she and her unicorn found this amazing gift.

Princess Shimera placed the beautiful blue box safely into her princess toy chest and went to sleep. The next day she knew would be filled with laughter and joy because some of the best princess toys are ones you have yet to discover.

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