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Princess Shimera and the Princess Video Surprise

Read along and discover how Princess Shimera found her very first princess video.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young princess named Shimera. She lived alone in a large castle that rested on the clouds. Her only friend was a white unicorn named Shimmer. Shimmer and Shimera loved their home, though each of them did wonder what it would be like to travel among the green grasses they gazed upon each day from their cloud.

One morning Shimera awoke to find an interesting package inside her magical princess toy box. She was very curious as to what was inside, so she tore the paper off and found a box with a picture of a young girl on the front. Princess Shimera had never seen a box like this before and inspected it further. Pretty soon she discovered that the box itself opened to reveal a small silver disc inside. She was confused as to what this new princess toy was and looked back into the magic box in hopes for some explanation. Inside was another strange new toy.

Shimera was unsure what this package was, and went to show Shimmer what she had found. Shimmer smelled the box and the new toy and was just as confused as Shimera when all of a sudden something popped out of the strange toy. After some careful inspection Shimera realized that the small silver disc fit perfectly into the toy. Once she closed it back up again something truly remarkable happened. The toy came alive and started to play beautiful images.

The strange new toy was actually a movie player and although Princess Shimera didn’t know it yet, she was experiencing her very first princess video and loved the wonderful story that was coming from this amazing new toy.

The story was about Princess Aurora who was forced to live alone in the forest away from her parents in hopes to prevent a curse from coming true on her 16th birthday. As Shimera watched she realized how similar this story was to her own, she didn’t know why she was made to live in this castle on the clouds, but the loneliness and isolation of it was very similar to the Disney princess video she was watching.

She was very pleased at the conclusion of the story when the princess was rescued by a prince and lived happily ever after; she hoped the same would happen for her one day. As she put the disc back in the box it came in, she hoped that one day soon she might get to watch more disney princess videos on her brand new amazing toy.

Here is a little peak of the Sleeping Beauty video Shimera loved so much.

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