Pretty Princess Toys

Princess Shimera’s Toys for Toddlers

Read along to find out how Princess Shimera’s toys for toddlers made it to the children beneath her cloud.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Shimera, who lived in a big castle that floated on a cloud. She lived in this world all alone except for her unicorn Shimmer who was a great companion and kept her from getting lonely. Something else that kept her from getting lonely was a magical toy box that she had found earlier that year. The box somehow surprised her with new princess toys each time she opened it and after awhile her castle was filled with wonderful things to play with. But as every princess does, Shimera was growing up and found that she had lost interest in many of her magical toys. She was sad as she looked at them, seeing how they sat unused collecting dust in the corner. Suddenly she thought of a wonderful idea! She would give away all of the toys for toddlers that she had piled high in her castle to other children who weren’t as lucky as she to find a magical toy box.

Although Shimera lived all alone up in the clouds, she knew of the world below her. She often sat gazing down on the many children that lived on the ground beneath her, wondering what their lives must be like. Shimera had been sent away by her parents to live in this magical kingdom in the sky to keep her safe. She wasn’t sure when she would ever get to join the beautiful world below her and she often dreamed of the day when it would happen.

Finding a way to share all of her wonderful toys for toddlers might be a little difficult. She wasn’t allowed to leave the cloud her castle sat upon and if she simply dropped the toys they could break. First she decided it was important to gather all of the toys up and get them ready for their long journey.

As Shimera began to sort through all of her toys, she found some amazing musical toys for toddlers that she knew would make another child very happy. For safe keeping she put these toys back into the magical blue box they had come in. After she had gone through each and every toy, she set them aside and went to enjoy a lovely dinner with Shimmer.

When she returned, she decided it was time to figure out how to get her best toys for toddlers down to all of the children who needed them. She opened up the magical princess toy box and was shocked to see that it was empty. Princess Shimera was very upset as she had put some of the most unique toys for toddlers inside that box and now she wouldn’t get to share them with the other children.

She ran outside in tears, Shimmer was close behind her trying to find out what was wrong. Princess Shimera stopped crying as Shimmer caressed her hair with his nose and in the distance she could hear something that sounded like music. She walked closer to the edge of the cloud to see if she could tell where it was coming from and couldn’t believe her eyes; beneath her cloud sat a child with one of the musical toys she had put inside her magical blue box. She was beside herself with happiness when she realized the magical box had helped her give her toys to others who needed them. She immediately ran back to the castle to put the rest of the toys into the box and couldn’t wait to see each of her toys in the hands of the children she watches everyday.

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